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Giants By The Numbers: 48 Is For ...

Kenny Hill.

Hill's story is pretty similar to that of Greg Jackson, who claimed honors at No. 47. His career even crossed paths with Jackson, who came to the Giants in 1989.

Hill played in the NFL from 1981-89, and was a starting safety for the Giants for five of those seasons, 1984-88. That means, of course, that he was part of the Super Bowl-winning team in 1986.

No Pro Bowl honors for Hill. He was, however, good enough to start for some very good teams during a solid nine-year career.

Here is a footnote to the history of the 48 jersey with the Giants.

Ed Hughes wore the jersey for three seasons with the Giants (1956-58) as a defensive back. He then coached the Houston Oilers to a 4-9-1 record in 1971.