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David Tyree Visits Giants, Won't Retire ... Yet

New York Giants' Super Bowl hero David Tyree visited the team during Friday's OTA. Tyree was not looking for work, and knows the end of his career is likely to be at hand.

Tyree, 30, is a realist and senses he's done with the NFL. He had a one-year contract with the Ravens and as a free agent he's staying in shape, but only so much.

"A little bit but not at the high level it takes to consistently down punts a couple of times a game,'' he said. "I'm putting in some work but not enough to play at a Pro Bowl level, in all honesty. It's very likely I could shut it down and I won’t have any qualms about it. Like I said two years ago, if everything ended with this I had to be happy. It's been a crazy ride.''

Tyree said he has no desire to be "one of those guys looking to come in in Week Five'' and added he's "not really hung up'' on continuing his career. Just this past Sunday, his wife gave birth to a son, Solomon, the couple's fifth child.

"At this point in my career my priorities are lined up a little different, as far as being a husband, being faithful to my God,'' Tyree said. "The sacrifice it takes to play at a high level is difficult to do on your own. We'll see how it works out the next couple of months.''

I know some of you out there still hold on to the romantic notion that Tyree can turn back the clock and be the dynamic special teams player he was four or five seasons ago. It seems, though, that he has come to grips with the fact that his body just won't let him do that any more.

I hope that Tyree not only retires as a Giant, which is his intention, but that the team does right by him. That means finding a role for him within the organization, perhaps something like they have done with former fullback Charles Way, who is now the team's Director of Player Development.

Still hoping the Giants will sign former Jacksonville defensive tackle John Henderson? Well, you can stop now. The Oakland Raiders have signed the 6-foot-7, 335-pound two-time Pro Bowler. Henderson, 31, apparently agreed to a one-year deal. So, maybe next year.

USC grads Steve Smith and Terrell Thomas refuse to look at the 2004 national championship they won with the Trojans as tainted, despite the sanctions recently placed on the school's football program.

Said Smith.

"No, because we still went out and won it," the current Giants receiver said. "It just kind of sucks because that was one of my best games as a Trojan. If they take away the record books, I don't want some kid who is looking 10 years from now to not see my name on it."

Said Thomas.

"People are making jokes, 'The repo man is going to come get that ring. You better lock them up,'" said Giants cornerback Terrell Thomas, the other USC alum in the locker room. "But we're not worried about that at all. It's unfortunate. But as a player at USC they can't do nothing that will say we lost that national championship. The hard work and all that that was put into it, we won it fair and square."

Well, Terrell, technically no you didn't. You did do all the hard work, you did win it on the field. But, the sanctions say the "fair and square" part is out the window. Not your fault, but out the window nonetheless.

So much for Lawrence Tynes having competition for the Giants' placekicking job. Safety Chad Jones, drafted in the third round, signed Friday. Placekicker Sam Swank was cut to make room on the 80-man roster.