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A little self-promotion ... and your chance to participate

The folks at the sports publishing company Maple Street Press have asked yours truly to help create a 128-page 2010 Giants Annual. The publication will hit newsstands in August, and will cost $12.99.

I need your help to finish off this immense project. As we know, the Giants are an original NFL franchise rich in tradition, and with a loyal fan base that often spans generations of families.

I want to include some of your feelings about the Giants in the magazine, and here is what I am looking for. Think about how and why you became a Giants fan, why you love the team and your favorite memories of the years you have rooted for Big Blue. E-mail an essay to with the subject line 'Maple Street Press Essay.' The essays can be as long or short as you desire. I will choose the best of them for inclusion in the magazine.

I will need your real name and your Big Blue View screen name. Your screen name will definitely appear in the magazine if your essay is utilized.

Here is some detail on what you will get for your money.

This is not a flimsy magazine. This is 128 pages full of history and analysis. Some of it is written by the folks you are familiar with here at Big Blue View -- myself, C.J. Mulrain, Jim Schmiedeberg and even a historical piece from George Cronin, known to some as 'blue gonz.'

There are also contributions from Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News, Pat Traina of Inside Football, long-time Giants beat writer and current blogger Ernie Palladino and much, much more.

So, be sure to set aside your $12.99. You can also pre-order the magazine now.