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New York Giants News & Notes: Joseph's Strong Start; Seubert's Future; & Leonard Marshall's New Gig

Matt Mosley writes about the strong start of Giants second round pick, DT Linval Joseph. As I've said before, despite my criticism for the Pierre-Paul pick, I really like what Reese did with the rest of the draft, and that starts with Joseph. I wouldn't be shocked if Joseph stepped in and became the Giants best defensive tackle this season, which would be tremendous for a second round pick. I'm also pulling for sixth-round pick Adrian Tracy, who is trying out for the strongside linebacker position. I root for 1-AA players as a general rule, especially if they come from the CAA, so I love it when those guys are given a shot by the Giants.

Paul Schwartz writes about the future for Rich Seubert, and the pending job competition he will be facing come training camp. I know nobody lasts forever, and I hope Petrus and Beatty force their way into starting roles eventually, but if I've learned one thing it's never to count Rich Seubert out.

Leonard Marshall has been introduced as the new head coach at Hudson Catholic High School in New Jersey. Congrats, Leonard!

Oh, Plaxico. Losing recreation privileges is probably not the best thing for a guy who's trying to stay in shape so he can get back to the NFL someday.

Finally, not specifically Giants related, but I know some people wanted to see the Giants pursue Darren Sharper (hey, at the very least he wouldn't be able to intercept Eli anymore, right?), but it turns out the reason the Giants (or anyone else) had no interest in him is because he had microfracture surgery, and it's unknown when he'll be able to return to the field.