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"Off limits" Osi should feel better now

So, the New York Giants have reportedly been telling other NFL teams that defensive end Osi Umenyiora is "off limits" when it comes to trade possibilities.

This might be just what the doctor ordered -- at least in terms of massaging Osi's bruised ego.

Face it, professional athletes all have egos. And guys who have been, and might still be, superstars generally have bigger ones than most. Osi is no exception.

He is used to praise. He is used to being coddled. He is used to being told he is great. He is not used to being criticized. Or being benched.

To me, that is what a lot of Osi's comments earlier this off-season -- demanding a starting job, etc. -- were about. His ego was bruised, and I think he was looking for some salve for the wound.

Maybe this will do the trick. From the Giants' perspective, it can't be a surprise that they want to keep Umenyiora around. If ever there was an organization that loved pass rushers, this is it.

Now, Umenyiora just needs to go out on the field and prove he can still be the player he used to be.