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New York Giants notes: No respect for Giants

'Tis the season for meaningless power rankings, and lists of just about anything football writers can think of. When it comes to power rankings, I put zero stock in any of them. They can, however, be fun to talk about.

That said, ESPN's football panel is out with its latest power rankings. And their post-draft placement of the Giants is sure to annoy.

They see the NFC East teams this way.

Dallas (5), Philadelphia (13), Giants (17), Washington (23).

Yep, our friendly ESPN 'experts' have the Giants ranked in the bottom half of the league, just a few spots ahead of the Redskins.

Unbelievable! Meaningless, but unbelievable. Although I will say this. I do enjoy it when the Giants are under the radar, under-appreciated, disrespected -- whatever you want to call it -- then go out and prove people wrong. I think those are my favorite seasons.

  • Jack Bechta of the National Football Post has some advice for NFL rookies. This is a few days old, but it's a great post.
  • Here is an interesting story about Dennis Landolt, an offensive tackle signed by the Giants as an undrafted free agent from Penn State. He was sought after by several teams, and is a guy to keep an eye on this summer when training camp rolls around. If Will Beatty moves into the starting lineup the Giants will be looking for a backup at the tackle position.
  • If you did not get a chance to listen to 'New York Giants Talk' Monday night, click the player below to hear the show.