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Giants By The Numbers: 34 Is For ...

Don Chandler.

Score another one for the old-time New York Giants.

Chandler handled punting and placekicking duties for the Giants from 1956-64, then finished his career with three seasons in Green Bay.

As a punter, he averaged 43.8 yards per kick in nine seasons with the Giants, and 43.5 for his career.

Chandler was purely a punter his first six seasons. He made 59 percent of his kicks in the final three seasons of his Giants' career, however, which was respectable for that era.

Here is some info about Chandler from Lew Freedman's "New York Giants: The Complete Illustrated History."

Chandler, who recorded a lifetime punting average of 43.5 yards a kick scored 104 points in 1962 and 106 in 1963 handling double duty. It's possible that Chandler was the last NFL booter to achieve as much in both disciplines.

Chandler, who played at 6-feet-2 inches and 205 pounds, had been an accomplished end at the University of Florida. but a severe shoulder injury discouraged him. He walked out of the Giants camp in 1956 and only returned when Vince Lombardi tracked him down at the airport. The permanently damaged shoulder did not prevent him from kicking, however: "Sometimes I feel like the old, one-armed paper hanger," Chandler said. Even if his foot did all of the work, his first head coach, Jim Lee Howell, often credited Chandler for winning games with his punt placements. "There is no kicker in the game who is Don's equal under pressure," Howell said.

Derrick Ward (2005-'08) was the most recent notable Giant to wear 34. Fullback Greg Comella wore the number from 1999-2001. Herschel Walker was No. 34 for the Giants in 1995. Lewis Tillman, a reserve running back, was wore the 34 jersey from 1989-93. And, of course, I can't forget Elvis "Toast" Patterson, the cornerback Giants fans hated to see on the field from 1984-87.

NOTE: Happy Memorial Day, everybody! Enjoy the day.