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Antonio Pierce Talks About The Giants

Lots of interesting stuff out of Thursday's New York Giants OTA, which was a media access day. The most interesting stuff, however, came from a former Giant.

Antonio Pierce was interviewed on NFL Network and had lots of interesting things to say about his former team. AP is very well spoken, and like a guy who might be looking for a television gig, wasn't shy with his thoughts. Among them:

  • His injury, and Kenny Phillips' injury, cost the Giants not only talent but vocal leadership on defense.
  • He called Osi Umenyiora "frustrated," and said Osi's unhappiness tricked down to other defensive players. AP also said Osi's pre-season run-in with defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan had a lasting effect on the entire defense.
  • On Sheridan's brief tenure, Pierce admitted the team did not believe in what Sheridan was teaching. "You've been doing things a certain way for two years, and it was just fine, it was right" Pierce said. "And now you're being coached and they're saying that's not right, that's not correct. And that, I think, became the problem."
  • On Tom Coughlin. "He's on the hot seat. I think everybody in New York is on the hot seat," Pierce said. "Everybody's on high alert. It's gonna be very interesting."
  • On his own future. Pierce said he is probably done playing since he would need surgery on his neck -- something he really does not want to do -- in order to continue playing.