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New York Giants News & Notes: 2014 Super Bowl Reactions

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As I'm sure you've all heard by now, the new Meadowlands Stadium was chosen as the host venue for the 2014 Super Bowl. The news has drawn mostly positive reactions, but as with all things, it has its detractors as well. Personally, I think it's great. My all-time favorite non-Giants football game was the "Tuck Rule" game between the New England Patriots and the Oakland Raiders during the 2001 playoffs, which was played in a blizzard that blanketed the field. One of my favorite Giants games ever was the NFC Championship in 2007, played in sub-zero temperatures. Football is more enjoyable when played outdoors in a little bit of inclement weather, and a part of me hopes we get a blizzard that day. More likely, it'll be in the mid-50's and sunny and everyone will feel like an idiot for worrying about the weather for 4 years.

Some more reaction after the break.

My favorite sports writer (maybe my favorite writer, period), Joe Posnanski, sums up his feelings about the Super Bowl being in New York. Honestly, I probably should have just linked to his and not said another word, because that is exactly how I feel (with a little bit of personal New York pride thrown in), only I couldn't say it that eloquently if I had a million years to write it.

Here are some reactions from Giants and Jets players.

Josh Alper of NBC Philadelphia writes that having the Super Bowl in New York breaks up the NFL's routine.

Ian O'Connor thinks that Vince Lombardi would be happy having his trophy awarded after a game played in cold weather.

Pat Yasinkas is not as happy with the choice. I think he comes off sounding like a whiny child who's upset he's going to have to spend a week in the cold instead of warm Florida. Sorry, Pat.

Peter Keating says the Super Bowl won't be as big of a financial success as the powers that be would have you believe. Interesting stuff.

Speaking of financial stuff, the NJ Star Ledger examines how the Super Bowl will affect the search for a naming rights partner.

The Star Ledger also looks at the chances that the Giants or Jets could end up playing in the Super Bowl. 2014 is a looooong way away in the NFL (consider that Tiki Barber was still on the Giants four years ago), so it's impossible to have any idea, but it sure would be fun if the Giants got to play a home Super Bowl. I'd trade that for a Super Bowl this year, though, in a heartbeat.

Jarrett Bell of USA Today thinks this Super Bowl is a "game-changer" for cold weather cities. It will be interesting to see if the NFL sees this as a one-time deal, or if they will remain open to other cold weather sites in the future.

Speaking of cold weather sites, Daniel Snyder says he wants the Super Bowl in Washington DC. Oh, Danny, you always want the newest toys.

Finally, Jerry Jones reacts to the Super Bowl announcement. Jones was one of the bigger supporters of the bid, so take a moment or two to quickly thank Jerry, then get right back to your normal schedule of hating him.