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Giants By The Numbers: 28 Is For ...

You know, that is a very good question. I really have no idea.

Several "interesting" players have worn the 28 jersey throughout Giants' history. No great ones, but some good ones.

I think I am leaving this one up to you guys. I will list the candidates, you guys can vote in the poll and tell me who you think deserves this one. Follow the jump for info on each candidate.

  • Beasley Reece (S, 1977-83) -- Spent seven of his 10 NFL seasons with the Giants. He was a starting safety during his time in New York. Don't really know what to say about Beasley. Good player, but not special.
  • Bobby Duhon (RB, 1968-72) -- Totaled only 844 yards in a non-descript four-year career with the Giants. Worth mentioning only because I remember the name.
  • Everson Walls (CB, 1990-92) -- If you are a Giants fan I know you have seen the photo. The cover of Sports Illustrated with an exultant Walls, arms raised to the sky, after Scott Norwood missed wide right in the 1991 Super Bowl to give the Giants a 20-19 victory and their second Super Bowl title. It's an image that should live forever in the minds of Giants' fans.

    Walls came to the Giants in 1990 after nine years with the Dallas Cowboys. He took over for Perry Williams at right corner and intercepted 10 passes in his first two seasons before being sent to Tampa Bay mid-way through the 1992 season.
  • Tyrone Wheatley (RB, 1995-98) -- I have said this before, but Wheatley, Butch Woolfolk and Jarrod Bunch are proof that the Giants should NEVER draft running backs from Michigan in the first round. After being drafted 17th in the first round of the 1995 NFL Draft Wheatley followed in Woolfolk's footsteps by becoming a spectacular flop in 31/2 seasons with the Giants.

    You can argue, with some validity, that the head coaches Wheatley player for in new York -- Dan Reeves and Jim Fassel -- mis-used or under-used him. That argument gains momentum when you look at the back-to-back seasons of 946 and 1,046 yards Wheatley posted in Oakland his first two full seasons out of New York.

    Yet, for whatever reason Wheatley never made in in New York. He never averaged more than 3.8 yards per carry and his highest rushing total was 583 yards in 1997.

    I have a feeling when I think back on it that this was a miss that was as much the Giants' fault as it was Wheatley's. Still, though, it was a miss.
  • Gibril Wilson (S, 2004-2007) -- Wilson is fondly remembered by Giants' fans as one of the starters on the 2007 Super Bowl-winning team. In fact, some still wanted to see him brought back this off-season when he was a free agent.

    Wilson was never a great player, though he flashed great potential as a rookie. He was a solid starter from 2005-2007, however. It is also obvious that Wilson made a mistake leaving New York. Even though he signed big-money deals in Oakland and Miami, both of those organizations cut ties with him after just one season. He has now latched on in Cincinnati where he hopes to rebuild his career.