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New York Giants News & Notes: Lots Of Defensive Notes

First, from ESPN comes an article about Justin Tuck and his desire to shoulder the load this upcoming season. Also, Tuck didn't love the Giants draft focus at first, but he's come around to it.

Aaron Ross is "back home" at cornerback. Ross gets overlooked, but he's an important piece in the Giants secondary. It would be huge if he can stay healthy this season and play up to his potential. Also within that article it's mentioned that Ross gave up a great catch to Ramses Barden. I'm hoping to see a lot more of the Pharaoh this year.

Barry Cofield is grasping the business side of the NFL, after nearly being traded this offseason.

Just in case you haven't read enough about Perry Fewell over the past few months, here's another story about him from I'm excited for the changes Fewell will bring, but I feel like there's been a new story about the guy pretty much every week. I don't remember there being anywhere near this much hype for Spags prior to the 2007 season. Hopefully Fewell lives up to it.

Speaking of Spags, he's brought former Giants CB Sam Madison to St. Louis to work out with some of their younger defensive backs.

Can't leave out the offense entirely: Michael Eisen has a story about how Kevin Boss has become the veteran tight end in such a relatively quick period of time.

Brandon Jacobs says that the Jets will never supplant the Giants as the team that rules New York. Jacobs sure does like to talk trash - you gotta love it.

Finally, this is only marginally Giants related, but Osi Umenyiora wrote on his blog that LeBron James should stay away from New York. Maybe others will disagree, but I read that as Osi taking a bit of a swipe at NY fans, with stuff like "I will say this, if he does come to New York, don't have a bad game." It sounds to me like Osi is still frustrated with the way people reacted to his poor season last year. I will say this, though - if LeBron is worried how people react if he loses, I hope he stays the heck away. I don't want guys on my favorite teams who are worried about anything other than winning championships.