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Relax, it's rookie mini-camp

I can hear the screaming already.

Jason Pierre-Paul's back was a bit sore during the second day of rookie mini-camp. Oh, and coach Tom Coughlin said his team's No. 1 pick was "so-so" the first couple of days in terms of applying new information.


Second-round pick Linval Joseph got yelled at by defensive coordinator Perry Fewell for not hustling on one play Friday.


Third-round pick Chad Jones was called "a little heavy" by Coughlin on Saturday

Big, fat out of shape BUUUUUUUUUSSSSSST!

After two whole days of introductory rookie mini-camp I just know there are some out there who will read those comments and immediately decide the Giants wasted their first three picks in the April draft.

To which I just want to remind everyone to relax. It's rookie mini-camp. The players are there, basically, to just get introduced to the coaching staff and begin the process of learning the playbook and what is expected at the pro level.

Please don't try to make any judgments about a "good" pick or a "bad" pick after a couple of days running around in shorts. And don't read into what these guys say or don't say. Remember, these guys can barely find their way to the practice field at this point.

All the last couple days have been about is starting the process, and getting these guys an introduction to what will be expected later this summer.

  • Many of the players at the mini-camp are there on a tryout basis, without contracts. Ralph Vacchiano reported Saturday that there are 27 of those, and reminded that the Giants have roster space to actually sign just one of those players to a contract. Unless, of course, they release a veteran or two. Ralph also breaks down a few of the guys he thinks might be in line for that precious contract.
  • In her evening practice report, my good friend Pat Traina the tryout player she would give that contract to is Kentucky linebacker Micah Johnson. That is an interesting choice, and maybe not a far-fetched possibility.
  • Pat also has a nice piece on fifth-round pick Mitch Petrus. Here is a nice quote from the rookie.

    "I try to play nasty and aggressive, but I also play within the rules of the game," Petrus, the giants’ fifth round draft pick out of Arkansas, said. "I’m not a cheap shot or after the whistle guy who jacks people up or stuff like that. I’ve had to be aggressive just being a walk-on at Arkansas. I had to come in and try to get a scholarship. I had to be aggressive just trying to compete so that’s kind of my nature. "

    One more note about Petrus. Offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride offered him some pretty steep praise after Friday's first day of mini-camp.

    "I think what we have gotten is - Richie will be insulted when I say this - but he reminds me of a Seubert. He has that kind of tenacity; that kind of attitude. He will be feisty, he will be aggressive," Gilbride said.
  • Great story, and I do mean great story, on rookie linebacker Phillip Dillard, by Mike Garafolo. You really have to like much of what you read and hear about this young man.