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Game-changing off-season moves: Feagles forces Giants' hand

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This is the third in our series of 'game-changing off-season moves' posts sponsored by Sprint.

Today let's talk about a 'game-changing move' that was actually not the Giants' idea. The fact that the Giants will have a new punter for the first time since 2002. That move is necessitated by the retirement of 44-year-old Jeff Feagles, who has ended a brilliant 22-year career.

The Giants drafted East Carolina's Matt Dodge in the 7th round, and he would appear to have the inside track on the job. He will be competing with Jy Bond, a former Australian Rules football player who has never kicked in the NFL.

The Giants are huge believers in the directional approach that Feagles perfected, and they will demand that from whoever wins the competition. They know, however, that they won't get the same precision.

"The big thing for these young guys will be to hang the distance. We don't want a 55-yard punt with 4.1 hang. That is very tough to cover," special teams coach Tom Quinn said. "So we will get the hang, the distance consistent and then we will start working direction when it is the appropriate time."

Special teams, particularly coverage, was an issue for the Giants last season. Let's hope the loss of Feagles does not exacerbate the problem.