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New York Giants News & Notes: Steve Tisch Speaks

When discussing the Giants, the Mara name is always one of the first things that comes to mind. The Mara family has owned the team since Tim Mara founded the team in 1925, through the long-time ownership of Wellington Mara, to the current era of owner John Mara. It's sometimes easy to forget that the Tisch family owns 50% of the team. Steve Serby had a Q&A with current half-owner Steve Tisch, on topics ranging from the 2014 Super Bowl Bid to Plaxico Burress & LT, to his film producing career (did you know he produced Forrest Gump?). Some good stuff in there, and interesting to hear from the other half of the Giants ownership team.

Some good news: After a winter of complaints about playing time and trade rumors, Osi will be reporting to OTA's "with bells on" according to his agent. There's really two ways a player can respond to an offseason like this: he can be grumpy, whine about his situation, hold out (or at least threaten it), and cause problems; or he can get his butt in gear, show up to camp motivated, and do his best to have a dominant season to prove his doubters wrong. Hopefully this is a sign that Osi is doing the latter.

It's a slow news day for the Giants, and in my searches I found that the Georgia Tech SBN blog "From the Rumble Seat" is running an "ultimate sports city" bracket, and #3 seed NY (way too low!) is facing #14 seed Pittsburgh. I'm not necessarily saying we should spam the poll, but if you have strong feelings about NY being a great sports town, maybe head over there and share your thoughts to try to influence the voting!