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New York Giants News & Notes: New York vs. New Jersey

With the recent Giants/Jets Super Bowl bid, there's been some renewed talk about the "unfair" way New Jersey gets treated when discussing the two NFL teams that play in that state. Steve Politi writes that despite some lip-service to New Jersey, New York will be the real beneficiary of a Super Bowl played at the Meadowlands. As it should be, I might add. I'm kidding New Jersey, you know I love you...

Michael Eisen writes that Chris Canty has something to prove this season. Canty was supposed to be a difference maker last year, but he ended up having very little impact on the Giants defense.

Perry Fewell has made The Sporting News' list of five coordinators facing pressure this upcoming season. Honestly, I think that after the disaster that was Bill Sheridan, Fewell has very little pressure - the defense has nowhere to go but up.

In sad news, former Giants DT Norman Hand passed away yesterday after collapsing in his home. Hand played in 11 games for the Giants during the 2004 season & retired that year, after playing the bulk of his career with the Chargers and the Saints.

Finally, I don't normally do this, but BBV poster Willgfass posed the question "where were you when you became a Giants fan" in the fanposts section. There's already been a good conversation over there about it, but if you haven't participated, head over there and share how you became a Giants fan. Lately the fanposts have been generating a lot of comments, but I'm sure there are still some people out there who don't know what they are or never look over at the right side of their screen, and this is a good opportunity to let you know that this blog isn't just a place for Ed and I to share our thoughts, but is also a forum for you guys (and gals - I know we have a few!). If there's a Giants related issue that you have thoughts on that don't really fit in the comments, feel free to turn it into a fanpost. And if you've come across any cool Giants-related links that we miss, feel free to make a fanshot (just a little further down the page from the fanposts).