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Giants By The Numbers: 20 is for ...

This number provides us with our first real classic debate between two terrific, maybe even iconic Giants. One from the old days who might not even have a name recognizable to those either too young to have seen him or without a real grasp of team history. The other of more recent vintage, a key member of the Giants' first Super Bowl winning team.

Representing the old-timers in this debate is defensive back Jimmy Patton, a defensive back for the Giants from 1955-66. Patton was named All Pro five straight seasons (1958-62), finished with 52 interceptions in 153 games and was also an excellent punt and kickoff return man.

Representing the more modern-day Giants is running back Joe Morris. Little Joe gained more than 1,000 yards three times for the Giants in seven seasons, including 1,516 (101.1 yards per game) in the Super Bowl-winning 1986 season. Morris was named to two Pro Bowls, and was All Pro in that 1986 season. In seven seasons as a Giants Morris gained 5,296 yards.

With apologies to all of you who had never even heard of Patton until you began reading this post, he is my choice for this spot. Only Lawrence Taylor and Roosevelt Brown have been named All Pro more times as a Giant than Patton.

Back when Big Blue View voted on its All-Time Team Patton got dissed by voters in favor of Spider Lockhart. A gross miscarriage of justice in my mind, but understandable since most of our BBV audience never saw Patton (myself included) and many had probably never even heard of him.

To somewhat rectify that, I am taking matters into my own hands here. By the way, here is our most senior member, George Cronin, commenting on Patton.

1. 5 times All-pro
2. Outside of Meggett and Tunnell, the best kick returner the Giants ever had.
3. Outside of Tunnell, the best ball hawk we ever had.
4. An important cog in the great defenses of the Glory Years.

So, a nod to history today as we give this one to Jimmy Patton.