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New York Giants News & Notes: Giants Make Super Bowl Pitch

Well, technically the Giants AND the Jets made the bid, but who really cares about the Jets? They got "perfect" weather for the bid, as the owners of both franchises acknowledged that, yes, it will be cold in New York/Jersey in February and there will be a chance for nasty weather, but emphasized that as a reason the Super Bowl should be played there. Matt Mosley shares his thoughts on the bid. Honestly, I say bring it on, and I hope it snows. Nothing is better than watching a football game played in the elements (two of the most memorable playoff games of the past decade were the Giants-Packers game in frigid conditions and the Patriots-Raiders "tuck rule" game played in a blizzard).

There was a rumor during the draft that the Giants and Saints were in talks over a potential trade of Barry Cofield (a rumor I found bizarre, since Cofield was the Giants best defensive tackle last year). Turns out the rumors were true, and Mike Garafalo's got the details. Maybe the most interesting part is that the Giants were going to make this trade before they drafted Linval Joseph. Also, good to hear that Cofield isn't letting it be a distraction.

Some more Matt Mosley: this time he's answering the question of whether Phillip Dillard is a viable option to be the starting middle linebacker next season.

Former Giants LB Brian Kelley has been elected to the National Football Foundation & College Hall of Fame, which honors players from non D-1A programs.

Finally, some more sad details from the LT case. First, the girl says she didn't recognize LT and that she doesn't want to ruin his reputation. No matter how you feel about LT, the real bad guy in this case seems to be the pimp, who beat the girl and essentially forced her to have sex with Taylor. LT, on the other hand, is claiming "self-love," not rape. This stuff is too crazy to make up.

Finally, Tony Romo is going to appear on "The Biggest Loser." I could make a joke about how Romo is the biggest loser for the many times he's choked in big games, but I'll be a bigger man than that.