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Giants By The Numbers: 18 is for ...

Jeff Feagles.

Let's call this one final honor for one of the best punters in league history from us here at Big Blue View. And, it is one that is deserved.

The only other guy who is probably even in the conversation is Joe Danelo, the Giants' placekicker from 1976-82. Danelo's career percentage of 59.1 as a Giant, though, makes Lawrence Tynes look like Hall of Fame material.

Another notable 18 would be a player indicative of the disastrous 1970s for the Giants. That would be cornerback Eldridge Small, drafted in the first round by the Giants in 1972 and out of the league three seasons and one paltry interception later.

Feagles wore three different numbers -- 10, 17 and 18 -- in his seven seasons with the Giants. He wore 18 for five seasons, however, and as a Giant no one has worn it better.

When he retired recently, we went through his myriad of accomplishments. I wrote a piece honoring Feagles' lengthy career. Tom Coughlin spoke effusively about him.

There is little more that we can add today. Except that in the glorious history of the Giants' franchise, being the best No. 18 to ever wear a Giants' uniform is one more honor for Feagles.