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Tom Coughlin, 05.01.10

Q: Did you end it early because of the heat?

A: No, we stayed right on schedule.

Q: Did Jason Pierre-Paul have a little problem with his back. Was it just spasms?

A: He is going through the conditioning aspect of this. I think he is suffering a little but he hung in there.

Q: Didn't look like he missed any reps?

A: He didn't - no.

Q: He was playing at left end?

A: Both. He plays both.

Q: The fact that he is going through the conditioning aspect, are you a little surprised by that?

A: I don't know. I wouldn't even use the word - I just think he is - like a lot of them, they are suffering a little bit because it is hotter than it has been. They have had two yesterday and they had a time to cramp up and get sore and then come back in this morning and have to do again. I wish he was running around like perhaps I had the thought that he would be. But he learns; he learns every time he gets out there.

Q: How has he been with using the information that you have been throwing at him?

A: So-so. Just like all young guys, they take a step forward and a couple of steps back and then in another period they go ahead and take maybe a couple of steps forward and only one step back. So it has been kind of that way.

Q: He has no history of the back, right?

A: (shook his head yes)

Q: How is Phillip Dillard doing?

A: He seems to be doing well. He flashes. He seems to be enjoying himself and flying around and in good shape.

Q: How about as far as directing other players?

A: He is doing okay with that. But right now he has got enough on his plate to call the defense and get himself lined up.

Q: He seems to like to talk and direct? Is that accurate?

A: That is why he is here.

Q: On the scouting report for Mitch Petrus it said he is pretty good at pulling. Is that one of the reasons you like him - he is kind of athletic and he can move around at guard?

A: Strong, he can anchor in there. He is powerful. He can block those big three techniques that we see all of the time in this division. He can pull.

Q: What are the biggest characteristics or traits that you will be looking for from your starting middle linebacker - whoever emerges in the battle in training camp?

A: Solid football player who is smart enough to help us get lined up. Can especially use on first and second down. Has got leadership tools, will earn the right to be a leader and perhaps be an individual that doesn't mind telling other people when they are not in position properly; so a lot of those things. But I think the first thing that has to happen is that the young player has to get his own game in line before he can talk to anybody else.

Q: You mentioned yesterday that Tim Brown had done well; Seth Williams was a corner that you liked.

A: Seth made a nice play today again.

Q: When you looked at the film last night did anybody else jump out that maybe you didn't think of?

A: Not really, no. Not really.

Q: Joseph seems to be in really good shape.

A: Yeah, he is moving around pretty good.

Q: Yesterday Perry Fewell was saying that he is kind of one of those guys that can really bring that physical aspect to the defense. Is that something you guys really liked about him?

A: Yes. He is a big load that can run, he is athletic. He has a good attitude. He fought his way through - he was struggling a little bit yesterday afternoon as well. But he fought his way through that and seemed to do well this morning and had enough energy to be able to talk up to the other guys when they looked like they were dragging. So, yes.

Q: What have you seen from DeShawn Wynn and Tony Hunt and anybody else?

A: I don't know. They have worked hard. They are trying their best. I haven't seen a lot of flashes.

Q: Regarding running backs, Andre Brown would he have been able to participate in this. Is he just still not ready?

A: We just didn't put him in it. I can't comment on that. He wasn't on our list. We would have at least asked him or talked to him about it. But it is okay. He has got plenty of stuff coming. (Note: Andre Brown is not eligible for rookie minicamp because he has an accredited NFL season).

Q: What do you think of Chad Jones so far?

A: I think he is a little heavy and he has some conditioning work to do. He has made some mental errors, which is not surprising for anybody back there. He was down quite a bit this morning weight-wise. So he lost a lot of water weight in just one day. But I think he will be very cognizant of the weight and the conditioning aspect when he comes back.

Q: Do you have any hesitation of a rookie like Phillip Dillard starting right away?

A: Let's see who plays; let's see who does it.

Q: Rhett Bomar - his goal is to be a backup. What does he have to do to accomplish that?

A: Be the backup; be the second-best quarterback.

Q: How about Adrian Tracy. He is making that kind of conversion from end to linebacker. How do you foresee that going?

A: He is athletic; tries hard. We have seen him do it in an all-star game. So I think he can do it. It is going to take a little bit. There are a lot of things to take place when you are out there in space. He doesn't have his hand on the ground like he has played most of his life.

Q: He is also making a jump from 1-AA.

A: Yes.

Q: He is a pretty smart kid.

A: Yes he is.

Q: A lot has been made of questions that get asked to rookies as they come in and teams interview them prior to the draft. Are you kind of shocked about what came out of Miami?

A: I have no comment on that stuff. We try to be as thorough as we can. We have to take care of our own business.