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New York Giants News & Notes: Some Reaction to the McNabb Trade

Justin Tuck told the New York Post that he was "puzzled" by the trade of Donovan McNabb from the Eagles to the Redskins. "How he played against us, I didn't see any wear and tear or any sign of him being on his last legs," Tuck said. "There's people there who see him every day; maybe they know something we don't. [...] If I'm going to trade a guy like McNabb, I'm not going to trade him to a team I'm going to play twice," he said. "McNabb is going to play the Eagles two times year. I don't know if I'd want that if I was in Philadelphia."

Matt Mosley also reacts to the trade by handicapping the "Beast" as things stand now. He sees the Giants as a 10-win team, finishing second behind the Cowboys, with the Eagles third and the Redskins still in last. I expect some griping about him putting us behind the Cowboys, but Mosley is one of the few mainstream writers out there who seems to understand that, disappointing as the Giants 2009 season was, they are still a very talented team who should bounce back next year. Besides, last time the Cowboys won the division and the Giants were a wild card, things worked out pretty well.

Ralph Vachianno lists some of the local prospects the Giants are bringing in for workouts, and also reports that the Giants are looking for guard help.

Mike Garaffalo notes that three Giants (Kevin Boss, Michael Johnson, and Mathias Kiwanuka) have received big pay-raises as a result of hitting some performance-related escalators last year. Congrats to those guys - Ed, I hope you got Kevin Boss to promise to buy you a steak now that he's making the big bucks!

I know I promised not to go all TMZ on you the other day, and I hate linking to this kind of junk, but the part about Tiki staying in this girls college dorm room, before she was even 21, is just too funny not to pass along.

Not Giants related, but Texas Stadium is coming down on Sunday. Good riddance. I actually saw the stadium for the first (and apparently last) time this past Sunday, as I was flying home from San Antonio - I happened to look out the window about a half hour into the flight and saw what looked like a fairly large city, and then noticed the large stadium with a hole in the roof. I hate the Cowboys, but it was pretty cool to see from above - for some reason I wasn't able to pick out Jerry's Billion Dollar Playhouse, however.

Finally, a little bit of Giants-related Lost humor. It's not particularly funny, but I'm a Giants fan and a Lost geek, so I enjoyed it. Have a good weekend everybody, enjoy the first full weekend of the baseball season!