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Kevin Boss appears on 'New York Giants Talk'

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New York Giants tight end Kevin Boss was gracious enough to spend some time with Pat Traina (Inside Football) and myself Thursday night on 'New York Giants Talk.'

In a previous post someone suggested I ask Boss about the Fantasy Files video he appeared in a year ago, which shows him catching a ball fired at him via a Jugs gun at close range. I did, and I am absolutely crushed. Boss admitted he DID NOT catch the ball.

"I have to be honest, I can't lie. I didn't catch it," Boss said. "They did a good job of making that look like it really happened, but I definitely didn't catch it. That thing was going about 70 miles per hour and I don't think it's possible to catch something like that.

"Those Fantasy File commercials are pretty neat. They do a good job with Reebok and the NFL there. I've enjoyed watching those in the past, so I was honored to be a part of one."

By the way, you can see the video here. Even though we know the truth now, it is still fun to look at.

For Giants fans, the most encouraging part of Boss's comments had to be when Pat asked him about attitude among players thus far during off-season workouts. He spoke about the noticeable "eagerness" of players to put in extra time.

"You notice a lot more guys spending time in the film room right now," Boss said. "In my previous years I don't remember a lot of guys spending much time in the film room at this point of the off-season.

"You can just tell guys are upset with the way last year went. Guys are there early and staying later, putting in the extra work that is required to be successful."

Fans obsess about the draft all day, every day for months. Boss admitted, though, that NFL players really don't spend much time paying attention to it.

"The longer you're in the league the less interested you become," Boss said. "It's still interesting to see what we're gonna do, and who my new teammates are gonna be."

I also mentioned the other day that stats compiled by Pro Football Focus showed Boss with just one dropped pass all season. Boss, of course, remembers the play. He missed a sliding catch vs. Arizona on a low throw from Eli on a deep crossing route. And yes, as soon as he mentioned the play I remembered it. Hardly a ball anyone could kill him for not hanging onto.

"I had my hands underneath it and then they hit the ground," Boss said. "For a receiver or a tight end whenever a drop comes it's something that it will stick with you. At the same time you've gotta try to erase it as quickly as you can."

When it comes to Boss's development in the passing game, offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride said last season the one area Boss needs to improve in is working to beat the jam at the line of scrimmage. Boss said he and Gilbride have discussed it.

"It is something I am continuing to try to work at and get better at," Boss said. "Once I get out in the open field and I'm running my route I feel like I can run past most linebackers."

We have talked about Boss's use -- or seeming under-use -- in the Giants' offense many times. We would all like to see him be more of a focal point, and I asked him about the possibility of his role expanding.

"I definitely feel like I'm capable of doing that. It's just a matter of waiting [for] my time and catch the balls that are coming," Boss said. "Gotta be patient and wait my turn in the offense."

[The full podcast is below. To listen to earlier episodes visit the 'New York Giants Talk' page at Blog Talk Radio.]