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Feagles says goodbye to Giants, NFL

[UPDATE: The Feagles transcript is now available.]

Remember the stern, no-nonsense Tom Coughlin who had a reputation for not being able to connect with his players? Times sure have changed, and that was in evidence again Friday when Coughlin spoke about Jeff Feagles during Feagles' retirement press conference.

" I look at Jeff and I think of the privilege that I have had to be with him for these short years. I think of an individual that is totally reliable, totally dependable, totally honest, completely trustworthy, and has all of the necessary ingredients for success. As simple and basic as it is to say that, it makes you really wonder why everyone doesn't think and act the way he does," Coughlin said."He has a tremendous, tremendous attitude and he is a great example for all young players because of his positive approach to the game.

"He is the consummate pro. He wants to be coached. He always wanted to be better. He was the kind of guy that I really enjoyed - not only in the meeting room but on the practice field - because I knew that whatever I said to him he was going to take it in the way in which it was intended. If I was busting his butt, he would have a little smile on his face. If I was serious, there would be no smile. There would be those eyes that were always telling me that he is really trying as hard as he can. He is going to bear down and try to do better."

That is not the same Coughlin who came to the Giants way back in 2004. Can't imagine him saying anything like that about a player in those days.

By the way, if I get the transcript of Feagles' remarks from the Giants I will be sure to pass that along, as well.

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