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Giants By The Numbers: 8 is for ...

Matt Bryant.

Yes, believe it or not, Matt Bryant. Placekicker on the infamous 2003 'Trey Junkin play.' Maybe the most ill-fated play in Giants' history outside of 'The Fumble.'

Bryant was the Giants kicker in 2002 and 2003, and was actually pretty good. He made 37-of-46 field goals in his two seasons, and still had an NFL job last season. He kicked for Atlanta for five games.

You know what has really amazed me thus far as I go through each uniform number? The Giants are one of the NFL's original franchises, with a mostly glorious history rich in tradition and flush with great players. Yet, some of these numbers have histories that could, at best, be described as 'non-descript.' At worst, they could be called 'awful.'

Here is a really odd note about the number 8 in Giants' history. Backup quarterback Stan White wore the number longer than any other Giant, from 1994-97. White, though, never threw a single pass in an NFL game. Weird.