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New York Giants News & Notes: April 28, 2010

Good morning, Giants fans. Well, the draft is finally over, and after months of looking at all the possible players the Giants could have drafted, we're left with the seven players they actually did draft. Ralph Vachianno has a little breakdown on each of them. I'm on the record with my displeasure over the JPP pick, but Jerry Reese redeemed himself in my eyes with the rest of the draft. I loved every pick he made in rounds two through six, and while I don't know anything about the 7th round punter, if Feagles does retire, that will look like a good pick.

Matt Mosley reports that the Giants almost took Phillip Dillard in the third round, but decided to go with Chad Jones instead, and lucked out when Dillard was still available in the fourth. More proof that Jerry Reese is a late-round draft master.

Classy act by the Giants, allowing long-time beat writer Vinny DiTrani to announce their 5th round pick. DiTrani is retiring after this, his 43rd season covering the Giants. DiTrani is the first media member to announce a pick at the draft. It's little things like this that make me really love the Giants organization.

The Giants are apparently eyeing two-time pro-bowl DT John Henderson, who was released by the Jaguars on Monday. Henderson was drafted by the Jaguars when Tom Coughlin was still the coach, so there's a connection there.

Giants & Jets fans got their first views of the new stadium last week, and the reviews were mixed. It sounds like most of the complaints, however, are based in the price, not in the stadium itself. I can't blame people for that, the prices are out of control, but I have a feeling that when it's all said and done, the stadium is going to be a fantastic place to watch a football game.