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Draft Countdown's Scott Wright analyzes Giants' draft

Draft Countdown expert Scott Wright appeared on 'New York Giants Talk' with Pat Traina (Inside Football) and myself Monday night. Wright had some intriguing things to say about the Giants' draft, including the fact that they waited until the fourth round to address the middle linebacker situation.

"I just don't know that the Giants adequately addressed that middle linebacker position, which I think most probably agreed was their No. 1 concern coming into this draft," Wright said. "If I were the Giants I would have tried to maneuver a little bit. ... I just think that if you could have traded a second- or a third-round pick to move up and make sure you got Rolando McClain, the top linebacker in the draft without question, I just think that's worth paying.

"I just would have been a lot more aggressive in pursuing one of these top inside linebackers."

Here are Wright's thoughts on some of the players the Giants did draft.

  • On Jason Pierre-Paul: "This is a great situation for Jason Pierre-Paul. He can come in and at least in Year 1 be brought along slowly. ... That pick was the ultimate 'swing hard in case you hit it pick.' Jason Pierre-Paul could end up being a 15 sack a year type of talent, and he could also go down in flames. I don't know that there's going to be anything in-between."
  • On Linval Joseph: "He's a very intriguing guy. ... very talented player, real good athlete, he moves well. ... I think you can make the case that he is the most talented defensive tackle on the Giants' roster right now."
  • On Chad Jones: "A phenomenal natural athlete. The biggest question with him was the dedication. Does he truly love football, or did he just have a great junior year and decide 'I'm gonna strike while the iron is hot.' ... If he hadn't had that baseball option out there I think he probably would have went a round higher. ... I think you can make the argument that he is as talented as any safety in this draft outside of Eric Berry."
  • On Phillip Dillard: "It's a good situation. He couldn't have landed any better, he's gonna have a chance to compete for major playing time."

  • For those of you rooting for the Giants to sign just-released former Jacksonville Jaguar Pro Bowl defensive tackle John Henderson, don't count on it. It seems that Henderson is in Kansas City at the moment, and it does not sound like the Chiefs plan on letting him get out of town.

    Mike Garafolo reported last night that the Giants do not appear to be in serious pursuit of the 6-foot-7, 331-pound 31-year-old.

    MG also reported that when it comes to Barry Cofield, where there is smoke there is fire. That means MG confirmed the Giants did try to trade Cofield to New Orleans during the draft.

    Stay tuned on the defensive tackle front. Even after drafting Linval Joseph, the mammoth defensive tackle from East Carolina, the Giants might not be done shuffling the deck at that spot.
  • SB Nation had several bloggers covering the NFL Draft. The folks at Stampede Blue actually got an audience with Commissioner Roger Goodell, and the result was an excellent interview.
  • Here is a tremendous story on sixth-round pick Adrian Tracy that was written prior to the draft. I like this kid, even if I did give the choice a 'Wet Willie.'