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NFL Draft Grades: Everybody is doing it

Everybody is a critic. And today everyone who has a forum is playing teacher, judge, jury -- whatever you want to call it -- and handing out draft grades or assessments.

You know I hate this rush to judgment, even if I did do a draft 'Kudos & Wet Willies' this morning. How does anybody know anything about how any of these players will turn out when none of them has even attended a rookie mini-camp? We can try to project, and assess what teams tried to do, but no one knows what anyone really accomplished.

With that said, let's look around the Inter-Google and see what others are saying about supposed winners and losers in the 2010 NFL Draft.

  • is aggregating draft assessments from all 32 of our network's NFL sites. It was published before my 'Kudos & Wet Willies' post, but that's OK.
  • SB Nation's Mocking the Draft looks at the team-by-team grades handed out by a handful of experts, and adds some thoughts of its own.
  • Yahoo! Sports Shutdown Corner reviews the draft of each NFC East team.
  •'s Ross Tucker opines on what he thinks are the best and worst moves by each team. Some of you will agree with his assessment of the Giants, though I don't really care. The draft was defense-heavy, and that's what I was hoping to see.
  •'s Peter King loves the Giants selection of Phillip Dillard in the fourth round.
  • Just for grins, I went back and looked at how CJ and I did in our mock drafts. I had five first-round picks correct, and CJ had three. Not that it means a thing, but I was curious.