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Who is your favorite New York Giants' draft choice?

My favorite pick by the New York Giants of the three-day 2010 NFL Draft is Linval Joseph, the monstrous defensive tackle from East Carolina.

Follow the jump for some reaction from around the Inter-Google regarding the Giants' draft.

From Yahoo! Sports

The addition of LB Phillip Dillard from Nebraska in the fourth round could be the most underrated pick of the Giants draft as the inside linebacker is a quick study who could ultimately find a home in that linebacking group if incumbents Jonathan Goff(notes) and Gerris Wilkinson(notes) don’t work out.

Dillard probably won’t be the starting middle linebacker this year, but he has a lot of upside from both an athletic and mental grasp of the game, and could ultimately earn some snaps if the winner of the Gerris Wilkinson-Jonathan Goff battle doesn’t pan out.

From ESPN's Matt Mosley

I could almost sense that Tom Coughlin and Jerry Reese were seething about the '09 season during this draft. Everyone wanted them to take a middle linebacker in the first round, but it didn't happen. The Giants made this draft about reclaiming the line of scrimmage. They started out with the immensely talented, but somewhat unproven, South Florida defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul and then selected an enormous defensive tackle from East Carolina named Linval Joseph in the second round. Even when you thought they might turn to offense in the sixth round, they went with a sleeper defensive end out of Williams & Mary named Adrian Tracy. This pick had Reese written all over it because he loves overachieving kids from small schools. Tracy's not a three-down lineman by any stretch of the imagination, but he gives the Giants more options. If the Giants are able to become an elite defense again, we'll point back to the 2010 draft as a major turning point. In terms of potential impact players, this reminds me of the '07 draft. And that's a great thing for Giants fans.

From ESPN's Mel Kiper

Good draft. I like the bet they're making on Jason Pierre-Paul. If you have a chance to take a star at that point, and it won't kill you in the meantime because you have some depth, it's a shot you can take. Beyond that, Linval Joseph could be a steal. A really active player at his size. Giants fans may not know Phillip Dillard, but as inside linebackers go, he has excellent range and could develop into a really good one. At No. 117 overall, that's a nice get.

By the way, if you watched ESPN's coverage at all didn't it look like Kiper spent most of his time looking -- and sounding -- like he wanted to punch somebody? Jimmy Clausen not being selected until the 48th pick made Kiper look foolish, and he spent three days being grumpy because of it.

Oh, and here is one more draft reaction you may care about more than all the others combined.

From Osi Umenyiora

"I'm not unhappy at all," Umenyiora wrote. "The team has come out and said I won't be traded so now it's time to just go out and play. I truly believe I'm among the best ends in the league and now its time to stop talking and go out and prove it. That goes for everyone also."

"I thought it was a good move for them to draft an end actually," Umenyiora wrote. "The lb (linebacker) wasn't available, and the Giants have always drafted the best player available and he obviously was it."

Love the fact that Osi seems to be coming around. In the end, the best thing for the 2010 Giants' defense could be a motivated Umenyiora determined to prove on every snap that he is still a great player.

[NOTE: Monday I will have a 'Kudos & Wet Willies' look at each pick the Giants made in the draft. When a complete list of undrafted free agents signed by the Giants is available, I will get that to you as well.]