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Coughlin: Feagles might retire

The New York Giants have offered a surprising explanation for why they selected punter Matt Dodge in the seventh round Sunday.

Veteran Jeff Feagles had told the team he may retire. This just weeks after signing a new contract.

"Jeff called me last week, came in to see me and then called me again and we talked about where he was in terms of what his thinking was and his considerations about perhaps retiring. So we felt like that we would go ahead and not pass on this punter who was one of the two people that we felt were draft-worthy in this particular draft," head coach Tom Coughlin said Saturday afternoon.

"I was surprised. I wouldn't tell you any different. Jeff was trying to do the right thing, okay. By letting us know with the draft in front of us rather than behind us. So he did the honorable thing, as he always would do, having the best interest of our team at heart. Whether we were going to do anything about it or not, that obviously was up to us. So he is coming in this week and we will see what the final status of this is. But obviously we felt it was important enough to act."

So, the kicking situation might not be as crowded as we thought a few hours ago.