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Pierre-Paul: "I don't consider myself raw"

Jason Pierre-Paul held a conference call with New York media this afternoon. From the text it is obvious that JPP is a confident young man.

Here is what he said about being called "raw" as a player.

"When I'm on the field, I do know what I'm doing. Otherwise I wouldn't be on the field, you know. I don't consider myself raw because I know what I'm doing. For the last three years, every where I went, they called me raw. At times they may call me raw but in the future they will see that I know what I'm doing. I don't concern myself with that (being called raw). I'm still early in the process of learning, I guess."

Here is what he said about his pass-rushing ability.

"I'm a very good pass rusher. Actually, I'm a great pass rusher. Pass rushing is just one of the things I can do though. I feel I can become better and better at that, and I want to come up to New York and hopefully become a better football player."

Take from that what you will. I am just fired up right now to see what this kid can become.

-- Full transcript