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Today ... is ... finally ... draft day!

Today is finally the day. After months of studying, speculating and arguing in a few hours we find out what our New York Giants will do with their first pick, No. 15 unless they trade, in the NFL Draft.

So, many of you will spend the day wondering if you will go to bed tonight feeling like this ...



Or this ...



So, who is the pick going to be? The last couple of years I was pretty sure I knew who the Giants really wanted, and when they grabbed Kenny Phillips and Hakeem Nicks in Round 1 I was right. This time, I'm not sure at all. Out of the half-dozen or so names generally connected to the Giants Jerry Reese grabbing any of them really wouldn't shock me. Neither would a trade, up or down.

The poll below lists the likely candidates -- if the rumor mill is on target. Vote and let us know which guy you think will be a Giant by the end of the day.