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Giants By The Numbers: 3 is for ...

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<strong>Pete Gogolak</strong>
via Pete Gogolak

Pete Gogolak.

In an excellent 2007 article discussing Gogolak's impact on the Giants and the NFL, Michael Eisen summarized him this way.

He was the first prominent player to jump from the American Football League to the NFL, a transaction that helped hasten the merger between the leagues. In addition, Gololak, a native of Hungary who defected to the United States in 1956, was the NFL's first soccer-style kicker. Today, of course, every kicker in the league kicks with his instep and not his toe.

But Gogolak was not just a novelty act. He is the Giants' all-time leading scorer, with 646 points - 120 more than runner-up Brad Daluiso. Gogolak also holds the franchise records for most points after touchdowns attempted (277) and made (268), most PATs in a game (eight vs. Philadelphia on Nov. 26, 1972), most consecutive PATs (133) and most field goals attempted (219) and made (126).

Other notable Giants who have worn the number include Brad Daluiso, who kicked for the team from 1993-2000, and quarterback Jesse Palmer, better known for his appearance on 'The Bachelor.'

-- Gogolak's career stats.