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Daily NFL Draft Prospect Profile: LeGarrette Blount, RB, Oregon

This will be the final Daily NFL Draft Prospect Profile. Round 1 is just two days away, and I hope to spend the last couple of days before the draft talking about some specific things relating to our New York Giants.

Anyway, thought I would use the final profile to discuss Oregon running back LeGarrette Blount. He is, as you probably know, a fairly controversial figure due mainly to an unfortunate on-field incident, yet he is one whose name seems to pop up often around here when you guys get to talking about potential running backs for Big Blue.

So, let's take a closer look.

LeGarrette Blount Scouting Reports


Blount nearly threw away his chances of playing in the NFL when he sucker punched an opponent in a season-opening game against Boise State. He was re-instated in November and saw limited action against Oregon State and in Oregon’s bowl game against Ohio State. While his NFL potential is unquestioned, his lack of offseason training habits and inability to control his temper may scare a lot of teams away from him. He can run over tacklers yet has good foot quickness in the hole and runs behind his pads which allows him to break tackles and gain yards after contact.

From the National Football Post.

Exhibits the short-area quickness to make a man miss in a phone booth and then accelerate into daylight. He has a good first step and gets up to top-end speed quickly but lacks a second gear in the open field. He possesses the balance and footwork to step through tacklers in the secondary and is tough to bring down in the open field. He keeps his legs pumping through contact and defenders simply don't like to tackle him once he gets going. Blount creates a lot of long runs because of his combination of athleticism and ability to break arm tackles on all areas of the field.

Blount missed nearly all of the 2009 season after punching a Boise State player. He looked heavy and slow in Oregon's season opener, and you have to question his dedication and overall character at the next level. It's obvious he has some talent and when he's fit and in shape, but his overall maturity level is a major issue.

From DraftAce.

An extremely powerful runner. Strong legs allow him to push the pile. Rarely goes down on first contact. ... Major character concerns ... Major character concerns.

Why Blount fits with the Giants

Because of his ability as a short-yardage runner. No one has to remind Giants fans how much the team has struggled in the red zone, and on third-and-short in general. It seems like Brandon Jacobs, at 265 pounds is a little too slow and a little too upright to find space in some of those situations. Ahmad Bradshaw is quick enough to find a crease, but not big enough to push a pile. At 6-foot-1, 241 pounds Blount is a powerful between-the-tackles runner who seems tailor-made for that short-yardage job.

Why the Giants should pass

This is obvious. Those character concerns, of course. You have to wonder if this guy is a ticking time-bomb who won't be able to meld into a Tom Coughlin clubhouse. Or, if he has grown up after his unforgivable sucker-punching of a Boise State player last season.