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Trading Osi 'crazy'? I don't think so

I had an interesting 'Twitter' debate with Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News Saturday regarding Chris Mortenson's contention that there is a good chance the Giants will deal Osi Umenyiora before the draft begins on Thursday.

Via Twitter, Ralph called the notion of trading Umenyiora for a second-round pick 'crazy.'

As I told Ralph, I have to disagree. I am not advocating trading Osi. All I'm saying is that I can't call the idea of getting a second-round pick for him 'crazy' in any way, shape or form.

Especially if that second-round pick is a very early second-round pick. Like the St. Louis Rams first pick in the second round. As we discussed the other day you also have to factor in that Mathias Kiwanuka is almost certainly out the door after this season if Umenyiora remains with the Giants beyond this season.

If you believe that long-term you can only keep one of the two, and you prefer Kiwanuka long-term to Osi, which I do and the majority of Big Blue View Nation agrees with, then the notion of trading Umenyiora for a second-round pick is not crazy at all.

If the Giants are convinced Osi will return to Pro Bowl form, or somewhere close to it, then I have no problem with keeping him. I'm sure GM Jerry Reese realizes, however, that the price for keeping Umenyiora will be eventually losing Kiwanuka.

  • I'm not quite sure to make of this next item from DraftInsider. Except to think it is just more draft confusion and possibly mis-information. I will just throw it out there and let you guys come to your own conclusions, or just choose to disregard it.

    Many feel Al Davis is likely to take an offensive tackle in round one; either Trent Williams or Bruce Campbell. Tonight sources close to the situation have told us the apple of Al’s eye is Alabama linebacker Rolando McClain. The junior defender does not necessarily fit the ideal speed equation for Davis but definitely has the size Davis likes. Will the Oakland Raiders pull the trigger on selecting McClain with the eight pick? There’s a good chance.

    Opinions are mixed on McClain as some teams don’t like him and a few think he’s soft. One team not enamored with McClain are the New York Giants. Sources have told us the organization much prefers Sean Weatherspoon and if the opportunity arises for the Giants to trade down and select the Missouri linebacker later in the frame, they would jump at the chance. We understand the Giants are hoping Derrick Morgan falls into their laps.

    In truth, I don't think we will know the answers until Thursday. I'm just going to look at this as 'noise,' and not get all worked up about it.

  • Safety Kenny Phillips updated his blog the other day. Nothing new about his rehab, but Phillips does talk about how glad he is to be a New York Giant.

    I love this team and this organization so much that I already hope to play my entire career here. That’s how much I love the Giants organization. When you talk to guys who played for other teams before coming here, they always talk about what a difference it is and speak highly of the program.

    I guess I walked right into the perfect situation.