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Giants' GM Jerry Reese talks draft

Here are some of the highlights of the pre-draft press conference held by New York Giants General Manager Jerry Reese this afternoon.

I loved Reese's response when asked about the elongated, three-day draft process this time around.

"It just gives us more time to over-analyze what we've already over-analyzed," Reese said.

The 15th pick is the highest the Giants have drafted in several seasons.

"If you're picking the first half you didn't play that well," Reese said. "In that respect we don't like it. But, we do feel like we're gonna get a good pick up there at 15."

Reese, of course, was asked about the linebackers in the draft. He, of course, refused to tip his hand.

"I think there's good players at linebacker, just like at other positions," he said.

On what he is looking to accomplish in this draft.

"I think we can improve our team at every position, not just linebacker. We're looking for seven good players."

On his draft philosophy.

"We try to get value and need, that's never gonna change," he said. "We try to get a combination of both. We're skeptical of drafting need.

You're not just looking at what's gonna happen tomorrow, you're looking at what's going to happen in the future with your team," Reese said. "Try to see the big picture from where I'm standing."

On trying not to be overly swayed by the Scouting Combine and workout numbers. Taylor Mays fans might want to pay attention to this one.

"I think it happens sometimes that guys go to the Combine and just blow the Combine up. You see people get burned by it," Reese said. "The Combine is just to verify stuff we've seen on the field. What they do on the field is what's most important to us. We're looking for football players, not gymnasts."

On what positions he might be targeting in the draft. Again, he refused to tip his hand. Which is to be expected.

"I think there could be some improvement in every area," Reese said. "We're looking for good football players. That's what's important to us. We try to stockpile good players."

On the value of pass rushers.

"You can never have enough pass rushers and big people up front, especially in the league we play in," Reese said.

On the linebackers on the current Giants' roster.

"I think there are some linebackers on our team who need to prove they can do it, just like last year i thought there were some receivers. I have some confidence in some guys on our roster that haven't played a lot. I want them to step out of the shadows and show us what they have" Reese said.

Specifically, Reese was asked about expectations for last year's second-round pick Clint Sintim. I will be sure to ask Sintim about Reese's expectations tonight when he makes a guest appearnace on BTR with Pat Traina (Inside Football) and myself.

"He's a second-round pick. You expect those guys to come in and play," Reese said. "Your first three picks you always expect those guys to contribute right away.

He didn't play a lot last year. He flashed a little bit in a couple of games, but we expect him to really come on."

On what he hopes for in every draft.

"We're looking for good players," he said. "If we can hit home runs that's good. If we can hit a double, that's good. If we can get a single ... we just want to get on base in the draft. We don't want to have a bunch of strikeouts."

On moving up and down via trade in the draft.

"We're open to everything in the first round through seventh. We keep all our options open, just try not to panic, try to keep a level head and pick good solid players for the Giants," Reese said.

On the health of all the recuperating players the Giants have as they begin to prepare for 2010.

"I feel good about everybody that was injured last year. I feel like we're going to have everybody ready for training camp," Reese said. "That's exciting for me to hear that."

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