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Sorgi press release

Here is a chunk of the Giants official press release announcing the signing of backup quarterback Jim Sorgi.

Sorgi is looking forward to working with his second Super Bowl MVP from the Manning family.

"Both are elite players," said Sorgi. "I had a great time working with Peyton, and I learned a lot, obviously. The experience was invaluable as far as my development as a professional. I hate to see my time in Indianapolis come to an end, but I am as excited about working with Eli as I am sad about leaving Peyton, and I look forward to working with Eli and helping him any way I can. I have been fortunate to work with Peyton, who has one of the greatest minds in the game."

In 2009, Sorgi appeared in only one game as a reserve at St. Louis (10/25) and did not attempt a pass before being placed on injured reserve on December 9 with tendonitis in his shoulder.

Sorgi arrived in East Rutherford yesterday morning and went through a workout for the team before meeting with head coach Tom Coughlin and the offensive coaches prior to undergoing a physical exam.

"I thought my workout was excellent and my shoulder felt great," said Sorgi. "I just need to continue to work on maintenance with it, but I want to be a player the Giants can count on to get the job done if need be. I am excited to be here."

Added Coughlin, "Jim demonstrated in the meeting room with our coaches that he is very sharp and a very good student of the game, which you would expect after spending six years backing up Peyton. He is used to spending the amount of time that is necessary in preparation. He was involved in the study and preparation and everything that Peyton does, so he will be outstanding in the meeting room with Eli."

I'm fine with this move. The guy understands what backing up a Manning is like. No, I really don't know what kind of player he is, but it probably doesn't matter. If Eli suffers a significant injury the season is pretty much toast, anyway.