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Free Agency Open Thread

[UPDATE 10:03 PM EST: Newsday reporting via Twitter that Antrel Rolle has signed with the Giants. Vacchiano and Garafolo also confirming. Hooray!!! Much more tomorrow.]

[UPDATE 8:03 PM EST: Lots of reports floating around that Karlos Dansby will sign a five-year contract with Miami on Saturday. Well, that's one less team likely to snag Rolando McClain before the Giants have a shot at him.]

[UPDATE 6:28 PM EST: Patrick Willis, on Twitter, unimpressed with David Carr visiting his 49ers. "for real for what. we have 3 qb's that are better then him. That's a waste of his time." Ouch, Patrick. So, when he signs how are you going to make nice? ]

[UPDATE 5:11 PM EST: Mike Garafolo reports that Antrel Rolle is not the only safety on the Giants' radar. Seems they are determined to upgrade that position, and that is good news.]

[UPDATE 4:47 PM EST: Interesting stuff in Philly, where coach Andy Reid is apparently blocking a Donovan McNabb trade. Go ahead and make jokes about Reid being a 'large' obstacle.]

[UPDATE 4:36 PM EST: ESPN's Matt Mosley has a look at backup quarterback options to replace David Carr, should Carr leave (which seems more and more likely). ]

[UPDATE 4:01 PM EST: RV reporting via Twitter that Rolle is taking a physical for the Giants. That would mean a deal is likely forthcoming. ]

[UPDATE 2:49 PM EST: Ralph Vacchiano has a pretty complete analysis of the current Rolle situation. Sounds to me like he will be a Giant ... unless the Dolphins are willing to up the ante.]

Still no news today on the New York Giants pursuit of free-agent safety Antrel Rolle. There are quite a few other things to discuss, though.

  • Backup QB David Carr is scheduled to visit the San Francisco 49ers. C'mon down, Mark Brunell!
  • Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting via Twitter that the Chicago Bears have signed running back Chester Taylor, and will likely soon have a deal with defensive end Julius Peppers. So, the Bears are taking the Dan Snyder approach to free agency. They still have Jay Cutler, and they will still stink in 2010.
  • By the way, Giants fans you had best pray that the Giants are able to sign Rolle. The backup plan appears to include a run at ex-Giant Ryan Clark. I don't care what nice things they are saying about Clark in Pittsburgh, I don't want to go down that road.
  • The Miami Dolphins have released Gibril Wilson. Before you go jumping on the Gibril bandwagon, read carefully what Armadno Salguero of the Miami Herald has to say about Wilson. It's anything but kind, and it should give you pause.
  • Mike Garafolo says the Giants might take their time in finding a middle linebacker.

Use this to discuss all things related to free agency for the rest of the day. Unless a Rolle signing happens I am not expecting any other big Giants news the rest of the day.