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Antrel Rolle? Yes or no

[UPDATE 11:38 AM EST: Ernie Palladino has a nice summation of the various options Rolle has on the table. The Giants are going to have to pony up some big coin to get Rolle in blue.]

By now all you night owls are probably already aware of the reports that free-agent safety Antrel Rolle is apparently visiting our New York Giants today.

Also, looks like you can forget about Karlos Dansby (Miami), Julius Peppers (Chicago), Aaron Kampman (Seattle) and Chester Taylor (Chicago). They all apparently will shortly have new addresses that are not in New Jersey.

So, what do you think? If General Manager Jerry Reese and the Maras can get Rolle's name on a contract this afternoon would you be happy with that? The number being floated on the Inter-Google is around $8 million annually for Rolle.

By the way, I have to mention this. Terrific trade by the Jets to land Antonio Cromartie. The way the game is now you must have quality cornerbacks, and with Cromartie and Darrelle Revis the Jets have an embarrassment of riches at the position.

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