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Free Agency Preview: Some offensive players to consider

The clock is ticking toward the NFL's annual free-agent frenzy. Shopping begins at 12:01 a.m., and it will be interesting to see how teams approach this uncapped season.

We have gone over and over the fact that our New York Giants will be seeking defensive help. Jerry Reese has admitted as much. We have been over the potential targets -- Karlos Dansby, Aaron Kampman, Julius Peppers, Antrel Rolle, etc., a number of times.

The Giants needs on the offensive side of the ball are not as pronounced. There are still, however, some intriguing players available. Here is my list of five players of interest, again with no inside knowledge. Just tossing some possibilities out there.

  1. Brian Westbrook (RB) -- Westbrook says he will only play for a team that has a grass field. He is 31, hardly what he used to be, an injury risk with a history of concussions. But, as a third-down back catching 3-4 passes a game might still be able to make a play or two. Not a guy I'm really interested in, but will Giants General Manager Jerry Reese kick the tires? Maybe. Just as long as he doesn't kick him in the head.
  2. Bobbie Williams (G) -- This guy is a 345-pound beast. He will be 34 next season, but for a year or so he seems like an upgrade over Rich Seubert who would help improve the Giants short-yardage offense and give the Giants a chance to develop a young player. If Cincinnati doesn't keep him why not check the price tag.
  3. Tony Richardson (FB) -- The guy is ancient (38), but playing for the Jets last season showed he is still an elite run blocker. I love Madison Hedgecock, but on a one-year deal do you think this guy is worth considering?
  4. Thomas Jones (RB) -- For me, he is only on this list because some of you guys seem interested. He is a 32-year-old running back, and despite the fact he has been good the past couple of season I am not really interested. If the Giants are going to bring in an older back in hopes of getting a few big plays give me Westbrook.
  5. Mark Brunell (QB) -- Brunell is about a gazillion years old. And while he has been wearing a uniform he has not really played since 2006. So, no one really knows if the guy can still play. But, here is what we do know. If David Carr leaves as a free agent, and we know Arizona might be interested in Carr, someone has to be Eli Manning's backup. Are we really comfortable with that being Rhett Bomar? I love the kid, but I'm not. I'd like someone who knows what he is doing back there. We also know that Brunell was Tom Coughlin's quarterback in Jacksonville, went to two Pro Bowls with TC and that Brunell loves Coughlin. If TC needs a backup QB, this one is a natural. In fact, it might be a fit even if Carr stays.

Your thoughts?