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A thank you ... and a plea

I am completely blown away today. This month, which of course is not over yet has been the best month for traffic in the history of Big Blue View.

For the first time in the three-plus years (yes, it has been that long) of Big Blue View's existence the site roared past a half-million page views in a single month. On top of that, the 260,000+ unique visitors who have dropped in completely shatters the single-month best here at BBV.

Pretty darn amazing for the off-season. I want to thank all of you -- the long-timers who have been here since the beginning and got this place off to a great start, as well as the newer members of the site who help keep the conversations fresh and lively.

Also, though, a reminder to please keep it civil. The site has been built on the maturity and intelligence of the folks commenting here, and we don't want to ever let that slip away. Always remember that we are all Giants fans -- which puts us all on the same side, even though we may disagree.

Life, and Big Blue View, are better when we do our best to get along.

  • ONE LAST NOTE: I will be appearing on 'GameFace' radio hosted by the entertaining Steve Frattarola Saturday at 9 a.m. Be sure to check it out.