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Daily NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Vincent Rey, MLB, Duke

The tail end of the NFL Draft is always filled with guys most people -- except diehard draftniks or college football fans -- have never heard of.

Some of those guys turn into very good NFL players, though.

Let's use today's Daily NFL Draft Prospect Profile to look at one such player. Vincent Rey, a middle linebacker from Duke, is a guy who has been tremendously productive for the Blue Devils, but has limited speed and athleticism that will push him into the late rounds or maybe undrafted free agent territory.

Why discuss him? Because he is a guy the Giants are curious enough about that they have scheduled an April 8 workout for Rey, a 6-foot, 242-pounder.

Let's take a closer look.

Vincent Rey Scouting Reports

From the National Football Post.

A short, under-sized middle linebacker prospect who possesses a long set of arms and a thick trunk, Rey has a nose for the ball inside and does a good job reading his run/pass keys. However, he struggles to take on blocks in all aspects of the game, lacks power at the point of attack and can be easily washed out of plays on contact.

He knows that he struggles when asked to stack and shed and will instead try to slip blocks and run around them. He consistently takes himself out of plays, losing sight of the ball. ... Rey isn't a physical tackler in any area of the game. He's more of a drag-down guy, and from a physical standpoint doesn't have what it takes to find a spot on an NFL defense.

From NFL Draft Scout.

Basically a tackling machine and he had enough speed to make big plays. His athleticism is a strength, but he's probably a long shot as a draft selection.

From Consensus Draft Services.

Rey is a stocky, powerful player who has shown a tremendous ability to make plays. Rey is an excellent tackler who always gets the guy down and can deliver a pop as well. ... Smart player who understands what the offense is doing and doesn't waste steps going the wrong way. Rey is solid in pursuit and takes good angles to the ball. Durable player who has shown solid leadership skills too.

Rey is a bit short and is not the most athletic player around. He's not flexible and doesn't have the COD and lateral agility to get to the outside. A real liability in pass coverage.

Rey's production can't be overlooked, despite his lack of size and athleticism. He projects as a special teamer and backup MLB at the next level. He could be taken in the latter stages of the 2010 NFL Draft

Why Rey fits with the Giants

Well, somebody has to get taken in the final rounds -- and some players have to get signed as UDFA's. Rey has tackling ability and run-stuffing toughness, two characteristics the Giants could use. Even if he is only a two-down linebacker at the NFL level. Also he looks on film like a guy who could contribute on coverage teams.

Why the Giants should pass

Because this guy just does not seem to have the athleticism to be a truly productive NFL linebacker. And his shortcomings in pass coverage would be a killer the way NFL teams play these days.