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New York Giants Notebook: Fixing the Defense on Everyone's Minds

It should be obvious that fixing the defense is the top priority after the Giants gave up the third most points in franchise history & most since the '60s. Scouts., Inc's Matt Williamson offers his take on how to fix the Giants defense, and for those of us at Big Blue View it should come as no surprise: "I see safety as the No. 1 personnel need here, followed immediately by a difference-maker at linebacker. A nose tackle-type would be third."

Meanwhile, Vinny DiTrani suggests that the Giants may fix the defense from within, meaning through the draft and players already on the roster. That seems to mesh with the statements made by co-owner John Mara, who said the Giants won't be big spenders in free agency. I'm sure the Giants feel burned by their spending spree last offseason, which mostly backfired, and I'm never a huge fan of throwing money around in the NFL, but in an uncapped year I hope this is just posturing and the Giants aren't going to completely ignore the free agent market.

Speaking of the defense, here's a cool video of Giants Defensive Backs Coach Peter Giunta running the combine DB's through a friendly competition.

A few more links after the break:

  • Ralph Vacchiano gives us a quick update on the Giants unrestricted free agents
  • Some more coverage of the Giants plans for the free agent market
  • The Giants have extended a tender offer to everyone's favorite safety, C.C. Brown. Mike Garafolo gives a few reasons why we shouldn't be freaking out about this quite yet, though.
  • The Giants have teamed up with the NY-Presbyterian Hospital to increase awareness of the importance of organ donation. Hopefully NY-Presbyterian isn't going to go bankrupt because of this partnership...
  • Finally, some interesting news: Arizona has withdrawn its bid for the 2014 Super Bowl, leaving New York as the front-runner. I remember there was a lot of talk after 9/11 about hosting the Super Bowl in NY, but until I heard this news I thought they had long since dismissed that idea. Apparently not. Clearly the main issue will be the weather, as New York in February is not exactly Miami. The Super Bowl has been held in cold-weather cities before, of course, but never in an outdoor stadium. What do you guys think, is having a Super Bowl in New York a good idea? And before I get called out: yes, technically it will be in New Jersey.