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New York Giants notes: Don't look at that picture!

OK, so my primary reason for posting anything this morning is to scare the daylights out of you this morning with the photo at right.

Yeah, I'm as petrified at the thought of Michael Johnson and C.C. Brown both making the New York Giants roster as you are.

Anyway, there is just a little bit of news.

Mike Garafolo has a list of several players who will be in East Rutherford for pre-draft workouts in the coming weeks. Many of them have ties to the New York/New Jersey area. To me, that says some of these guys could be among the undrafted free agents who get invites to training camp.

Matt Mosley of ESPN breaks down the entire list of draft picks for all four NFC East teams.

It seems running back Brandon Jacobs might disagree with anyone who says things like 'Drafting C.J. Spiller isn't such a bad idea.'

"I'm trying to have this be my breakout season and rush for more [yards] than I've ever rushed for and score more than I've ever scored," Jacobs said. "I have a big goal for myself. I'm going to wake the people up who've fell asleep on me."

A left knee injury was part of the problem for Jacobs last year. He had arthroscopic surgery in January, and yesterday, he said the knee has not been a problem.

He said he spends a "couple [of] days a week" reviewing negative things that were said and written about him last year as motivation for the upcoming season.

"I feel like I'm on the verge of where I could be that great back and I could be a back that's not just taking up a roster spot," Jacobs said. "I felt like that's what I was last year. I definitely need to do a lot better than what I did."

Hey, if I can write stuff that ticks Jacobs off and gets him to play better I'm fine with that. Just remind me to stay away from him at training camp. It scared me enough when he almost ran me over last summer.