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New York Giants News & Notes: Some More About Osi

Congrats, Reby!
Congrats, Reby!

Just in case you're not sick of the Osi Umenyiora coverage yet, there's some more stories surfacing. He talked to the media yesterday, and after answering "no comment" to the first few questions, he eventually got going, indicating that his situation with the Giants isn't quite resolved yet. This is reminding me a bit of the Jeremy Shockey situation two years ago, where it's just clear that the player and the team are not on the same page. At this point, I'm not going to be shocked by anything that happens in this saga - I can see Osi lining up opposite Justin Tuck again next September just as easily as I can see him getting traded on draft day or even in the months after, ala Shockey. Matt Mosley pried himself away from the Donovan McNabb trade rumors for a few minutes to offer his take.

  • File this under "terrible news": it's looking more and more likely that Kenny "I feel real good" Phillips won't be ready for training camp, and Tom Coughlin doesn't sound too optimistic about his prospects for next season. I think Phillips' health is the really big wildcard for what the Giants do in the draft, even more than the Osi situation.
  • Brian Kehl and Gerris Wilkinson are both hoping for the opportunity to compete for the middle linebacker slot, but they also seem pretty realistic about the Giants plans. I think both guys are solid depth players, but barring a fantastic training camp/preseason from either of them, I'm hoping neither one is on the field for the opening drive of the 2010 season.
  • David Diehl says he has no plans to give up his left tackle spot to William Beatty. I like Diehl's attitude, and he's far exceeded expectations since being shifted over from guard, but I have to think the Giants would be very happy if Beatty came into camp and took the tackle spot away from Diehl. If Beatty turns out to be a true left tackle, they can slide Diehl back inside, and the whole line will be better for it.
  • Tom Coughlin might be visiting Plaxico Burress in jail soon, but don't expect the Giants to bring him back when his jail term is up. I know a lot of Giants fans are still mad at Plax, but I hope the guy is doing as well as one can do in prison, and I'll be rooting for him to get back to the NFL and have some success when he gets out.
  • The Giants already have the best-looking regular uniforms in the NFL*, and now they're gonna look good off the field too: they signed an endorsement deal with suit manufacturer Joseph Abboud. (*the Chargers powder blues are an alternate uni.)
  • Finally, I'm really only linking to this as an excuse to run the picture you've probably been staring at for the past few minutes, but "New York Giants Girl" Reby Sky has been named "Miss Howard TV of the Year" by Howard Stern fans. Congrats, Reby!