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Daily NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Major Wright, S, Florida

I have made this point before, but you simply can't fill all of your needs in the first round of the draft. Or, even the first two rounds.

Sometimes you just have to take what you can get and hope that good players are still available later in the draft at positions where you can use a player.

Thus, the subject of today's Daily NFL Draft Prospect Profile. Florida safety Major Wright.

The 5-foot-111/2, 206-pound junior is not at the top of anyone's list of draft-eligible safeties. He is a mid- to late-round selection. He does, however, possess some intriguing traits that might make him appealing as a second or third-day choice in the April draft.

He is a big hitter adept at special teams play, important for anyone in a backup role. He reportedly has good speed and does a good job in the 'center field' role limiting big plays. And Lord knows the Giants need to limit those in 2010.

So, let's take a closer look.

Major Wright Scouting Reports

From the National Football Post.

A thin safety prospect who doesn't quite look as big as his numbers, Wright showcases a good first step in coverage and has the ability to quickly click and close on the ball. ... He's rangy vs. the pass game, does a great job of getting out of his breaks quickly and reaching full speed and can track the ball sideline to sideline. He's an ideal center field-type defender, but he isn't the most instinctive defender and at times struggles to diagnose plays and locate the ball. He will not consistently get good jumps on the ball and can be slow to read and react to plays in both the run and pass game.

He isn't a ball-hawk and is more of a man defender in the secondary. ... Overall, he displays great range and striking ability in the pass game but needs to become a more consistent tackler and do a better job deciphering information and finding the ball.

From NFL Draft Scout.

NFL scouts like his speed and physicality and believe he'll be able to make an immediate impact on special teams. His big hitting and playmaking skills make him a quality free safety prospect. Though he improved his open-field tackling as a junior, he'll need to continue to improve in the league if he is to make his mark as the last line of defense.

Often played a true center field role, showing good instincts and the straight-line speed for coverage. Protects the deep middle. Closes quickly and has good ball skills to make the play. ... Good range to prevent the big play. Has improved his angles to limit the damage. ... Quick to come downhill in run support. ... No hesitancy in taking on the bigger ball carrier.

Why Wright fits with the Giants

Yes, the Giants signed Antrel Rolle. If Kenny Phillips is healthy the Giants should be OK here. If not, the Giants will still be in need of help here. And they really should bring in at least one more safety to cover themselves in the event KP's knee balks. Plus, the Giants special teams could use the boost. I'm tired of watching guys like Sinorice Moss try to cover punts or block kicks. A guy like this might be a real special teams asset.

Why the Giants should pass

Varied scouting reports mention taking bad angles and not being a great tackler in the open field. Somehow, that makes me think of the recently-released Aaron Rouse. And those thoughts are not pleasant.