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BBV Community Mock Draft: With 21st pick, Bengals select ...

Earl Thomas, S, Texas.

Selecting for the Bengals was 'Woogie526'. He writes:

The Bengals have several needs OL, DL, Safety, TE and WR. The first would be OL, which would have been satisfied by Mike Iupati but sadly, he is off the board.A young WR to pair with Ochocinco, but that will be had in later rounds. Safety is another need and the debate at Cincy Jungle is between Earl Thomas and Taylor Mays, both of whom are still on the board.There was also a rogue opinion about Pouncey for OL. But with two of the better safeties left, I think it only natural to go that route.


Earl Thomas is the kind of football player you just love to watch on tape. You fall in love with his speed, athleticism and instincts, but some teams might be scared of his small frame, which really seems to be the only thing holding him back from being a top-10 draft pick. Thomas projects as a free safety in the NFL and seems to be too good to fall out of the top 25 picks.

Mays isn't a free safety at the next level; no chance he pans out there because he is horrible in coverage and has zero ball skills. Mays idea of playing football is running and throwing his body around, which is why I am giving him the nickname "The Trojan Torpedo." I think Mays can start at strong safety for some team, but he will be pretty average. Mays is the Vernon Gholston of safety prospects. Sure he has great measurables, but so did Gholston. I personally wouldn't draft Mays in the top 40 picks, but his draft range is all over the board. He could go top five to a team like Oakland or he could fall to the lower part of the first round.

Just for the record here is Pouncey’s profile.

Pouncey is a talented player and should be an immediate starter in the league, but I don't think he is a better prospect than Alex Mack last year. Pouncey is a bit overhyped. His technique tends to get sloppy in the fourth quarter and I have concerns with him in pass protection at the next level against more athletic defensive tackles in a more complicated scheme. Pouncey will come off the board in the top 30 picks and could go as high as No. 18 to Pittsburgh or No. 19 to Atlanta. I have a low first-round grade on Pouncey.

I think Pouncey would be a reach at 21 and not an immediate improvement over the current roster.

I don’t like Earl Thomas’s size, but can’t underestimate the coverage skills at the safety position. As Giants fan we learned that lesson this season with Rouse and CC Brown. Taylor Mays seems like a prototypical strong safety, body and skill sets and the Bengals need a coverage safety.

I think the safe pick is Earl Thomas and that many Bengals fans would be completely happy with this choice. What are your thoughts?

My take: How can any Giants fan argue with a team that selects Thomas? After all, he had been the apple of our eye for a long time prior to the Antrel Rolle signing. Maybe he still is. Certainly could not argue with Jerry Reese if he grabs Thomas. And you can't argue with this pick for the Bengals. We like the player too much.

This puts my son on the clock with the New England Patriots pick at No. 22. I might help him a bit, but we'll see how he does with this one.

Remember, to read explanations of previous selections click the highlighted player name in the table below.

1 St. Louis Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma Soldier_
2 Detroit Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska soulpower
3 Tampa Bay Gerald McCoy DT Oklahoma i_formation27
4 Washington Russell Okung OT Oklahoma State G Fan in England
5 Kansas City Eric Berry S Tennessee ronjohnson
6 Seattle Jimmy Clausen QB Notre Dame CCE718
7 Cleveland Dez Bryant WR Oklahoma State GreatGatsby
8 Oakland Bruce Campbell OT Maryland Hoyadestroya85
9 Buffalo Dan Williams DT Tennessee The Greek
10 Jacksonville Joe Haden CB Florida jp2y
11 Denver Rolando McClain ILB Alabama NYG_Slater
12 Miami Jerry Hughes DE/OLB Texas Christian sunlion333
13 San Francisco Bryan Bulaga OT Iowa RIPShea
14 Seattle Trent Williams OT Oklahoma Ed V.
15 N.Y. Giants Derrick Morgan DE Georgia Ed Valentine
16 Tennessee Sergio Kindle OLB Texas Json
17 San Francisco Sean Weatherspoon B Missouri RIPShea
18 Pittsburgh Mike Iupati G Idaho ross_stephen
19 Atlanta Brandon Graham DE Michigan daddyzander
20 Houston Jason Pierre-Paul DE South Florida BitterEli
21 Cincinnati Earl Thomas S Texas Woogie526
22 New England Ryan Valentine
23 Green Bay Dan Luibil
24 Philadelphia Bye Dawk
25 Baltimore Larry Soprano
26 Arizona Snipah
27 Dallas pataroons
28 San Diego hakeemthedream
29 N.Y. Jets Brooklyn58
30 Minnesota hurikaine
31 Indianapolis Charles L.
32 New Orleans GiantsReignSupreme