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New York Giants News & Notes: Osi to Return Next Year


Ralph Vacchiano reports that despite "chatter" that Osi Umenyiora might retire or be dealt, General Manager Jerry Reese has said that he will be returning to the Giants next season. I think this is good news. Despite some of Osi's flaws, he's still a good defensive end who had a decent season coming off an injury. If he's fully recovered by next season, he can still be a force on defense. He also gives the Giants added flexibility, both in terms of the draft and going into next season.

Also, it's worth reading that article for the blurb about newly signed Australian punter Jy Bond, who apparently can punt with both legs. Not sure how useful that is, but it sounds cool.

The Giants, like all NFL teams, have a bevy of players from big-time athletic schools, with top-notch football and basketball programs. Kind of funny, then, that the only guy on the Giants roster who's college is in the Sweet 16 is Kevin Boothe, of Cornell. Michael Eisen talked with Boothe about it. I don't care who you've got in your bracket, you've gotta be pulling for Cornell tomorrow.

Some more talk about the Giants new stadium: Matt Mosley talked to both Roger Goodell and Steve Tisch about the coin toss flap, the Super Bowl, and the new stadium. Also, Jets owner Woody Johnson spoke to Fox News last night about the new stadium, and says that he and the Maras are on good terms and are working together to try to get the Super Bowl. He also displays a lack of knowledge of basic geography, claiming that the Super Bowl would "be in New York."

Finally, Gary Myers relays a fantastic tour of the new stadium. For all the griping about PSL's and naming rights and all the like, the place sounds like it's going to be an awesome place to watch a football game, and an even better place for the Giants to play. Hopefully, they can have as much success there as they had in the place across the parking lot.