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BBV Community Mock Draft: With 16th pick, Titans select ...

Sergio Kindle, OLB, Texas.

Time to move on from my pick, where opinion predictably was widely split. Playing the role of GM For Tennessee is 'Json,' who is not too happy with me for taking Derrick Morgan away from him.

He writes:

A couple years ago the Titans defense was one of the best. Mainly because of the penetration big Albert was getting on the quarterback. He was a disrupting force that took several linemen to block and even then he still got through. His play made the defense look great. He has not done that much for the Redskins but his effect was great for Tennessee. Now with the Titans losing more of the defensive front seven this year so they really need to start focusing on building talent there. When comparing the LBs vs. the DEs on the Titans they need more help at DE. However, our ever-intelligent Ed Valentine took the best player on the board so I am left with choosing the next best player considering my choice would have been Derrick Morgan. However, I do agree with Ed’s pick. Though he is not a DE I believe Kindle is a better option than the DEs left on the board.

Kindle will be a wonderful addition to this defense. He is someone who has strong athletic abilities. I believe he is a capable pass rusher who will also be able to help in supporting the run as well. Not much was written on how well he is in pass coverage but with his speed surely he could be coached in that regard. The reason I choose Kindle over some of the others: is also because he is flexible. Reports have him maybe playing OLB or DE; maybe even both. This in turn could present math-up problems for opposing teams. Or he could move to just play one or the other. I believe either option is possible for him. If Kindle can prove to be a playmaker in the pass rushing schemes this will in turn help the secondary, which is already pretty good but not great. I liked Weatherspoon, Price, Williams, and I even looked at Earl Thomas as safety because I believe he has a lot of potential. There were also three other DEs that I could have chosen that have first round potential but I believe at least one of those will still be left in the second round to grab. It’s a gamble but that’s what I am hoping for.

There are a few issues on offense that could be addressed as well but if Vince Young plays well and Chris Johnson has another season like he did last year they will be good on the offensive side of the ball. The Titans need an imposing force on the D or a playmaker, so they will hope he becomes that. I picked Kindle based on need and talent. There may be one or two better players left, but I felt he might be able to help the Titans better than they could.

My take: Sorry there, 'Json,' but this is business. Really, though, Kindle should be a good pick for the Titans. They need help defensively, especially at end and linebacker. I could see Tennessee going Carlos Dunlap or Everson Griffen here, as well, but Kindle fits their needs and this is a good spot on the board for him.

Remember, to read the explanations for previous picks click the highlighted player name in the table below.

'RIPShea' is up next with San Fran's pick at 17. I probably won't post that until Tuesday morning. CJ should have a 'Monday Mock Draft' roundup for you late this afternoon.

1 St. Louis Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma Soldier_
2 Detroit Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska soulpower
3 Tampa Bay Gerald McCoy DT Oklahoma i_formation27
4 Washington Russell Okung OT Oklahoma State G Fan in England
5 Kansas City Eric Berry S Tennessee ronjohnson
6 Seattle Jimmy Clausen QB Notre Dame CCE718
7 Cleveland Dez Bryant WR Oklahoma State GreatGatsby
8 Oakland Bruce Campbell OT Maryland Hoyadestroya85
9 Buffalo Dan Williams DT Tennessee The Greek
10 Jacksonville Joe Haden CB Florida jp2y
11 Denver Rolando McClain ILB Alabama NYG_Slater
12 Miami Jerry Hughes DE/OLB Texas Christian sunlion333
13 San Francisco Bryan Bulaga OT Iowa RIPShea
14 Seattle Trent Williams OT Oklahoma Ed V.
15 N.Y. Giants Derrick Morgan DE Georgia Tech
Ed Valentine
16 Tennessee Sergio Kindle OLB Texas Json
17 San Francisco RIPShea
18 Pittsburgh ross_stephen
19 Atlanta daddyzander
20 Houston BitterEli
21 Cincinnati Woogie526
22 New England Ryan Valentine
23 Green Bay Dan Luibil
24 Philadelphia Bye Dawk
25 Baltimore Larry Soprano
26 Arizona Snipah
27 Dallas pataroons
28 San Diego hakeemthedream
29 N.Y. Jets Brooklyn58
30 Minnesota hurikaine
31 Indianapolis Charles L.
32 New Orleans GiantsReignSupreme