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NFP: Never trust a draft 'expert'

Since we are in the middle of our own mock draft, and since I want to tease you guys for a while before making my pick for our New York Giants, I thought you might get a kick out of this.

Jack Bechta of the National Football Post recently ran a post which basically says never trust a mock draft. Or, for that matter almost anyone who calls himself a draft expert. Wrote Bechta:

Now that the so-called draft gurus can watch players at the combine on TV and get their workout numbers instantly, it does help the evaluation process. But they still don’t get the type of information that NFL regional scouts and NFL teams can. They don’t get to see medical and training reports. They don’t get to interview the strength coach or even the position coach about the player. They don’t get to hear what other players are saying about him. The majority of scouting Web sites and services rely on second-hand information. Most don’t even have access to game tape.

He is right, by the way. The more I study the draft, and write draft profiles, the more judicious I am becoming in the reports I rely on. There are a slew of guys out there running draft sites who don't know nearly as much as many of the people who comment here.

Anyway, with all of that said. Let's get back to the business of our own mock draft. With the Giants up next here is a little poll for you. Not promising to listen to your opinion, but I am curious.