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Free Agency Preview: Safeties

Darren Sharper? Antrel Rolle? George Wilson? Anyone else not named C.C. Brown, who was apparently tendered today?

What safety would you like to see the New York Giants pursue in the free agent market. Those are the three names that come to mind, though the 34-year-old Sharper would be a very un-Giants like signing. GM Jerry Reese usually likes younger guys with upside, not older guys hanging on for an extra year or so.

We will see what happens. Here is a list of free-agent safeties. Follow the jump for a few more free-agent thoughts.

  1. Darren Sharper -- If the New Orleans Saints let the 34-year-old get away he might look nice in a Giants uniform for a season or two. The guy still has gas in the tank, he is a play maker, and he is a leader.
  2. Antrel Rolle -- A good player, but there will be stiff competition for Rolle. Including from the Arizona Cardinals, who would like to keep him.
  3. George Wilson -- Keep an eye on the Buffalo Bills tender for this restricted free agent. Wilson played very well filling in for the Bills last season, and could be attractive to the Giants if the price is right. Remember, defensive coordinator Perry Fewell was in Buffalo last season and knows Wilson well. Of course, the draft is also safety-rich, and GM Jerry Reese hates to surrender draft picks.

These, to me, would be the three most obvious free-agent targets. Who appeals to you?

There are also a host of other restricted free agent safeties likely to hit the market. As I have said, I don't believe Reese will easily surrender draft picks. Any RFAs besides Wilson worth pursuing, though?