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Reports: Giants sign Australian punter

Here are the details, from Mike Garafolo.

With Jeff Feagles currently in a contract standoff with the Giants, the team has taken an interesting approach to their punting situation.

The Giants signed former Australian rules football player Jy Bond Thursday after Bond worked out for the team. The 30-year-old Bond has been attempting to kick start his NFL career for a few years and was with the Dolphins from April to June last year. He's never kicked in an NFL game.

My take: This is very much a message to Feagles. I have no way of knowing how serious the Giants are about Bond. What I take from this, though, is that the Giants have no interest in paying the 44-year-old Feagles a large sum of money. In Australia they might say this could be 'Hooroo' for Feagles career as a Giant.